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Security Services

Secure Events

Hanumat Services differentiates itself from its competitors through the employment of its unique command and control methodology, enabling the client to focus on their event without worrying about security.
Our service list for large scale events includes:

  • Security and emergency management planning.
  • Command and control: the establishment and operation of an Event Control Centre (ECC).
  • Provision of qualified and experience crowd controllers.
  • VIP and Close Personal Protection services.
  • Management of licensed areas.
  • Emergency and crisis management.
  • Traffic management

Dog and Handler

Our professionally trained Dog handlers, together with our highly trained security dogs, make an unbeatable combination to protect your assets and interests. The dog can use its heightened senses to scent, see or hear intruders or hidden person. Displaying controlled aggression and standing its ground, the dog can protect both security personnel and premises at the same time..

Mobile Patrolling

Mobile patrols provide a fast, efficient and professional service and are widely recognized as a cost effective alternative to a permanent manned security presence. Our team can provide a mix of both scheduled and random visits.
In line with each customer's specific requirements, high profile, uniformed Officers in clearly identified vehicles, will visit and inspect premises at agreed frequencies. Accurate data on each visit can be provided and the use of warning boards on the exterior of a building can be an effective deterrent for would-be vandals and intruders.
We can provide highly trained officers to protect high value assets in transit.

Under Cover Services

Worried about production losses, malpractice, wastage of resources, and suspect someone within your organization As an unbiased party, we can provide the facts through undercover operations.
Undercover operations are an extremely complex task for which GDA can formulate a customized strategy to plant our professionals into a.

  • Under Cover Operation service, corporate and personal
  • providing under cover agents.

Security Survey

A Security Survey is a thorough physical examination of a facility and its operations with respect to personnel and company assets. Hanumat Services examine the risks these assets are exposed to, and review the measures that are in place to protect them and to mitigate liability.

Hanumat Security Services The first step for any comprehensive security plan is conducting a comprehensive security risk assessment for your business. From here, we can develop a tailored, complete Threat Protect security management plan to meet your needs.

True individual freedom cannot exist without economic security and independence. People who are hungry and out of a job are the stuff of which dictatorships are made.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Threat Protect works with its business clients to achieve gold standard security practices. This will include both security and protection solutions along with developing a security culture in your business.
By working with you and your organisation, we review existing security measures, provide advice and develop your comprehensive Security Management Plan.
We do this with your specific budget and goals in mind. However above all, we do this applying our years of experience and training so that we ensure your business achieves security without compromise.