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Hanumat Services was started in 2005, under the guidence of our chairman Sri NARAYAN DUBEY. Over the years, and ,under the able supervision and guidence of our present Director Sri Pawan Kumar Dubey, Hanumat services has grown manifold both in terms of number of clients being served and satisfied, but also in terms of diversification.
Hanumat services apart from core competency of providing top class security personnel, has grown into allied services like electronic security services and automation

  • ▶ Security Services
  • ▶ Facility Management
  • ▶ Private Investigation & Varification
  • ▶ Manpower Consultant
  • ▶ Electronic Security/Automation
  • ▶ Work Place & Property Management

Hanumat Services is a fully recognise agency with registrations in all government bodies like

Why Chose Us?

Values are that part of us which is never rejected. It defines the attributes which is required to be embodied by employees while working at Handiman. Hanumat Services Values are:
  1. Customer at Core
  2. Transparency
  3. Empowerment
  4. Diversity
  5. Human Values
  6. Capability Building
  • 100% Implementation of Discipline
  • Speed of response
  • Focus on Results, not on activity
  • Responsible existence
  • Customer Personal Satisfaction
We believe that it is the people who makes the difference when it comes to outstanding service delivery. Hanumat Services always stands for investing in its people. We at Hanumat keep and put tremedous efforts to attract and hire the right people to be the best at what the work we do. It defines the right talent prepared for an organization which provides right direction to select the best.

Special Features



Work with Hanumat is a framework which define the work character of our organization from many years. It serves as a guide in our daily business interactions towards desired work behavior. It is an valued principle that places greatest impaact on hard work at once job or duty. A strong work ethic is vital to a company achieving its goal.



Hanumat is an online / offline background screening company. But what's most exciting is that with our Machine Learning and AI expertise we will totally breack the traditional background screening market. Thus, Hanumat will be able to offer the fastest, cheapest, and most accurate reports, which will allow it to become India’s leading background screening company.


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Mon - Friday 9am - 5pm

Saturdays 9am - 1pm

Sundays Holiday

Note: At any urgency company always provide best services at different costs.

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