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Hanumat Private Investigation
Every Hanumat personal screening report includes the basic identity and criminal background reports. We also conduct rigorous research to gather information on your potential hire from various data sources. We use a combination of advanced analytics to analyze all the information and then summarize all relevant risks a home owner should be aware of when deciding whom to hire.
Our powerful search engine scans millions of court records to identify people with high risk indicators. The results are returned in milliseconds, making this the fastest, most reliable way to help enhance safety, manage risk, and reduce costs for your community.
Why need Verified?
Every year in India the crime rates related to home incidents and household help are increasing dramatically. Research suggests that 1.5% of all road accidents were caused by drivers under the influence of drugs, 4.2% of all the crime against children are done by baby sitters. Home related thefts have also increased over the past 5 years.
So enrolling someone for personal home use such as servant, baby sitter or driver becomes a an important safety decision for you and for your family. We also know that current screening practices in industry are highly expensive, outdated, time consuming and are not user friendly.
We set out to change that experience, our screening product goes beyond what you've come to expect by utilizing new technologies to run effective background checks. It allows you to really get an insight into the criminal history, reference details (past employment performance) to help uncover facts and find lies.